• Romance

    A Little London Life

    If you enjoy stories about cosy romance, laced with humour and quirky characters, then escape to the English countryside with Gemima Box. Newly separated from her husband, Gemima moves to a tumbledown cottage in the village of Little London. Determined to build a new life in the countryside, Gemima soon finds that rural life is very different to city living. Broke and without a job, Gemima’s dreams and her new home both look close to collapse. Then she meets local ‘celebrity’ architect Jonathan Stone… Funny and romantic, Bunny Rockett’s A Little London Life is the first in a series of stories that follow Gemima Box and her friends and neighbours.What readers are saying about A Little London Life:‘The quirky, darling main character in this later-in-life love story made me smile. Gem is honest with herself and just flawed enough to make her imminently relatable. For a cosy read, this is perfect’‘I wasn’t sure what to expect from this new-to-me author, but the book was just a delight’‘Terrific and fun….quaint but quirky. I’m very much looking forward to more in this series’‘Heart-warming and funny’‘Loved it and can’t wait for more’‘Hilarious and touching’ Read more