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    The Fast Train to the Grave: a Twist-filled Noir Mystery Set in the Golden Age of Crime

    There's a corpse on his train — and a killer still on board… Rusty Macduff is a private eye with a niche: he only takes on the cases every other detective in the golden age of crime turns down.  But this time he hasn't got a choice. The only other passenger in his railway compartment has just been murdered in front of him without a sound or sign of struggle, and there's no other detective on his train. There's less than an hour till the train arrives at its final stop. Somewhere an ingenious killer must still be on board. Somehow Rusty has to find and stop him — before he can escape forever. THE FAST TRAIN TO THE GRAVE is a novella-length Rusty Macduff mystery. For the first full-length novel in the Rusty Macduff series, be sure to check out THE GIRL FOR THE GOLD ("Joyous, amusing and highly entertaining. There are too many funny lines to mention." –E. V. Seymour, bestselling novelist).