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    Coven of Secrets: A Slow Burn Paranormal Witch Romance Series (The Bayshore Witch Legacy Book 1)

    The secret she thought was safe might kill someone she loves. Roxy Cole is happy to pretend everything is fine, happy to pretend her family is normal, happy to pretend magic doesn’t exist, and happy to pretend she never felt a thing for Ray Hammond. Really, it’s for the best. She just wants to hold what’s left of her life and her family together, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. What do you do when your magic betrayed you, and you’ve lost everything and everyone you love? What do you do when the only one who might be able to help you is your enemy? What do you do when the deeper you dig for a solution, the more dangerous secrets you uncover? What do you do when all roads lead back to magic, but you’ve been down that road before and paid a terrible price? What will Roxy sacrifice to get the answers she so desperately needs? If you liked Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman or Sarah J. Maas’ Crescent City series, you’ll love C. J. Beaumont’s slow burn romantic supernatural mystery series, The Bayshore Witch Legacy. One-click today to uncover the secrets that threaten to destroy Roxy and everything she cares about. Author’s Note: This is the revised and expanded second edition ofCoven of Secrets.The Bayshore Witch Legacy is a slow-burn paranormal romantic suspense series that touches on tough and potentially triggering real-world issues that the characters deal with along their journeys. Roxanne Cole, the protagonist of the series, has a traumatic past, and those traumas have very much affected who she is and how she handles things. If you are concerned about potential triggers, please be sure to read the trigger warning page prior to diving into the story. The series must be read in order to make sense. The Bayshore Witch Legacy Reading Order: Currently Available to Read or Preorder: Curses, Lies, and Alibis – Newsletter Exclusive: Subscribe to Read at https://bit.ly/CLAbyCJBCoven of SecretsCoven of LiesCoven of Shadows Coming Soon: Coven of DarknessCoven of BloodCoven of BonesCoven of FireCoven of Ashes Read more