• Paranormal

    Stolen by the Warrior (Dardanos Book 3)

    ★★★ HE’D DEFY THE VERY FATES FOR HER. ★★★ Aodhan Adrastos is the greatest Dardaptoan vampire warrior to have ever lived. Legends have been written about his heroics in battle. So why is a warrior like him hunting a human female of less than thirty years? Vengeance.  But revenge feels cold and wrong once he gets a good look at the human he is supposed to kill.  SHE HAS TO ESCAPE FROM HIM.  Mallory Taniss had been a victim before—because of her grandfather’s evil choices. She barely survived that horrific attack.  The nightmare is about to happen all over again.  Before Mallory can escape, she’s abducted by a vampire claiming she’s the mate he’s been destined to find. A vampire who came to kill her—but has just changed his mind. NOW HE MUST PROTECT HER FOREVER…  Aodhan takes one look at the fiery but terrified Mallory and knows there is no way in the three hells he’ll ever let anyone—human or vampire—harm her ever again. . Mallory’s swept up into a world she can’t understand—and she has just one ally among the Dardaptoans.      —The vampire who wants her for his own. Mallory is left with no choice but to trust him. Before she and the younger sister she’ll die to protect pay the price for her grandfather’s sins once more. ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Previously published in 2013 as THE WARRIOR’S WOMAN, book 4 of the Dardanos Paranormal Romance Series. Now expanded and updated! ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ Read more