• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Robbins: A Time-Travel Saga

    A complete six-part romantic dramedy about time-travel. Generally speaking, few would know much about a small countryside town like that of Canton, Mississippi. Even its residents couldn’t imagine that anything of noteworthy significance ever occurs around these parts, aside from the recent tragedy that befell the Robbins. For all the broken families, junkies and even lowkey gangsters, surely this place has nothing going onthat doesn’t happen anywhere else, does it? “So… there’s more timelines. Is that bad?”“Catastrophic! Or… inconsequential. Hard to tell.”“Doc!”“It means one of two things; we are creating different timeless… or perhaps will always find ourselves in timelines that already existed, regardless of what we do.”“Well, that’s not so bad.”“That is option A and B of the inconsequential outcome.”“And the catastrophic one?”“The catastrophic one would mean that we are changing the only true timeline.”“As in: playing mother nature?”“As in: messing with the very fabric of spacetime. Messing with the only turn of events that was ever supposed to happen. If something occurs that wasn’t meant to be… perhaps by simply involving Alan in this… I just singlehandedly completely derailed the universe’s one and only destiny!”“Woah… Doc…” Read more