• Horror

    Fallen Angel

    Find the missing savior! Iver Eriskay, a billionaire immortal has been given a mission by the archangel Michael, to find the one and keep her safe.  Isabelle has dreamed of becoming a famous musician. At twenty years old, that is all she cares about. Then a tall, gorgeous stranger enters her life, and when they touch, sparks fly. Isabelle tries to control the bolt of electricity she feels every time the sexy demigod, Iver Eriskay is within range. But how long can she resist his pull?  Will Isabelle accept Iver’s dominance and protection? If you love dominant men and strong female characters, then you'll love this first installment of Skylar West’s Angels and Demons series. Publisher's Note: This sci-fi romance is the first of a new series. It contains a theme of power exchange.