• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Ties of Destiny (Curse of the Crown Book 1)

    A soldier with a secret past at risk of exposure.An empire threatened from within.Can a man sacrifice everything for the greater good? Driven out by his family when he was young, Jeffrey found a new home in the legion. Being a soldier is his life. The crimes of his past no longer define him.He fears being recognised by other nobles he may once have known, since they would certainly have him executed for his mistakes. When he is reassigned and becomes personal guard to the obnoxious crown prince, his equilibrium is threatened. Every moment he spends at court, he’s surrounded by nobles and under threat of being discovered. All Jeffrey wants is to live a simple life as soldier, but he can see no way out of the palace. And the prince needs Jeffrey’s help to control his unruly royal magic. Jeffrey is pulled into a web of politics and intrigues he despises. Protecting the prince becomes his priority, without him, there’s no future for the empire. But the longer he stays at court, the greater the risk of being found out. Can Jeffrey sacrifice his own future for the sake of the empire and its people? If you like fantastical adventures, a blending of magic, sword fighting and technology then you will love this intriguing first instalment by Caitlin Taylor.