• Mysteries & Thrillers

    Calamity under the Chandelier (A Sleuthing Starlet Mystery Book 1)

    Murder. Manor homes. Malfunctioning chandeliers. Hollywood starlets are supposed to be happily on set in sunny California, and not trapped in drafty manor houses during ferocious snowstorms. But after Cora Clarke’s best friend and fellow actress elopes with an English earl, Cora visits England to help her friend brave the aristocratic disapproval of her new husband’s family. Unfortunately, the holiday turns nightmarish when a chandelier crashes down and kills somebody. When suspicion falls on her friend, Cora vows to figure out the identity of the murderer. After all, blizzards have a habit of preventing the police from arriving, and body counts have a dreadful habit of growing. NB: This book was previously titled Murder at the Manor House. Read more