• Young Adult

    Midnight Bites: A Sexy Paranormal Romance (Angels and Vampires of Fallen City Book 2)

    When I walk into Club Blood, it’s for one reason only. To become a vampire’s pet. There are worse things than being used as a blood bag. The vampire leader doesn’t want a pet, though. He wants a thief and will go to great lengths to make that happen. After using a witch to remove my human mark, she replaces it with angel essence. Now I’m a student at the Nephilim Academy. Right away, things go wrong. For one, Mira is there. She’s my best friend and my only family. But I might have to kill her to get what I want. Or Levi, the vampire hottie with me, will do it for me. I can’t let that happen no matter what. At the same time, I can’t help my feelings for Levi. And when he drinks from me? It’s a pleasure like I’ve never known. He says that’s because we are fated mates, but I say that’s ridiculous. A human and a vampire cannot be together for eternity… unless he gives me what I wanted all along: to be a vampire, like him. __________ Midnight Bites is volume two of six in the angels and vampires series and ends on a cliffhanger. This series must be read in order and is told from Mira and Ellie’s point of view. Volumes 1,3, & 5 are Mira’s. Books 2, 4, & 6 are Ellie’s. Please see below for book titles and reading order. ** There is scorching hot consensual sex, strong language, and adult situations. ** __________ Midnight Wings (Angels of Fallen City) Midnight Bites (Vampires of Fallen City) Crimson Halo (coming soon) Crimson Moon (coming soon) Scarlet Messenger (coming soon) Scarlet Storm (coming soon) Read more