• Horror

    A Game of Vampires

    A Game of Vampires is a 20K Prequel Novella set 100 years before The Vampire Games Series. I’m ready to pull off the biggest con of my life. The only problem? The Lord I serve has just brought me to an island whilst he attends something called the ‘V Games’. I was set to spend a week in this icy place where the sun never rises, staying in a castle owned by a peculiar couple called the Helsings. But everything’s changed.Vampires exist. And this is no game. It’s pure hell. And the worst thing? The love of my life is one of the contestants. If I don’t save her, no one will. I’m coming for you, Evangeline. SERIES READING ORDER: A GAME OF VAMPIRES (PREQUEL NOVELLA) THE VAMPIRE GAMES SEASON 1: Varick and Selena’s StoryV Games – start the series for just 0.99 —–> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074WCV558V Games: Fresh From The GraveV Games: Dead Before Dawn THE VAMPIRE GAMES SEASON 2: Jameson and Cass’s StoryWolf GamesWolf Games: Island of Shade (Coming Soon)Wolf Games: Severed Fates (Coming Soon)