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    Risking Trust (Danger and Attraction Book 1)

    He’s everything I never knew I wanted . . . PAIGEShattered, cold, and numb.That’s all I’ve felt since my family was murdered. Still, five years later, it’s hard to breathe, to focus, and to trust anyone. Until I meet him, Caleb Conner. With him, life feels more alive, less scary—despite how strong, lethal, and extremely sexy he is. He’s everything I shouldn’t want, let alone trust. But it’s now or never, and it’s been a long time coming.It’s time for me to welcome danger. I’m finally ready—and willing. After all, Caleb is all that I crave. CALEBAn opportunity. A target. On my father’s radar.I should avoid her at all cost. But Paige Sawyer draws me in, and pushes my boundaries.With her, I am teetering between darkness and light. The truth is, I’m connected to the one person who wants her dead.I’m determined to protect her—save her from them. But is she ready to risk everything, and trust a trained assassin who has never been in love? “Magnetic. Masterful. Mesmerizing.”-Bookalicious Babes BlogBook ONE of THREE in the Danger and Attraction Series. Previously titled, TRUST, in the Things That Matter series.If you like broken heroes, and a sexy, suspenseful romance filled with twists and turns, then you will love Casey Diam’s exhilarating trilogy, Danger and Attraction.