Disciple of Vengeance

    Betrayed and left for dead, rage is the only force keeping Janis alive. Rage at the enemies who slaughtered his family, at the wizard who sold them out, but most of all at himself for letting it happen. Yet now it’s too late to do anything about it. His body spasms. His memories leak away. In his final moments, a presence approaches him. Alien but powerful, driven by a hunger he’s never known. “Give me life within you,” the nameless one offers, “and I will give you your vengeance.” Janis will go from prince assassin to fugitive sorcerer as he hunts the people who killed his family. He’ll battle mercenaries, cultists, gods and wizards in a magic devastated world as he unravels a conspiracy that goes far beyond the treachery of one wizard. He fuels his success with a diabolical power that will force him to ask what he sold his soul to, and to wonder what it really wants. All he knows for sure is that there’s no going back. Vengeance is only the beginning.