Young Adult

    A Quest of Cats and Vases (The Three Vases Book 1)

    The prophecies always said that when the apocalypse began, the Chosen One would collect the three vases to save the world. Legends claimed the powerful Dirt Whisperer Parmenthius created and hid the vases around the world to protect the people from their unfathomable power. They were meant to lie hidden until the Chosen One could collect all three. Centuries later, the Creator descends upon humanity, crushing entire cities beneath his monstrous feet. As prophesied the Chosen One, Prince Derrek, is sent on a quest to find the vases for the kingdom of Galintron. Due to a tragic turn of events, Prince Derrekā€™s journey is cut short, leaving the kingdom distraught. All hope is lost for the people of Galintron. However, the younger, talentless Prince Kebin volunteers to hunt down the three legendary vases. Nobody is impressed or amused, yet Kebin sets off on his own quest to save the world. Read more