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    Are We Really That Different?

    KIDS WILL BE KIDS All around the world kids will do what kids do! We may look different, yet we are still all the same. Let’s celebrate our similarities in everyday activities and actions. Are We Really That Different? Is a heartfelt message of equality, love and harmony. It expresses the wish we all have for our children to grow up in a loving, safe and wondrous world. Let’s come together and make this world a better place for us all. Why We Love it!“Through my many years’ experience in education I understand the power of a good book. A cleverlywritten story will be enjoyed on many levels. Chandni’s rhyming story – Are We Really That Different?is such a book. Children thoroughly enjoyed it as a shared story experience. This was evidencedby the smiles on their faces, the laughter in their voices and their high levels of engagement. Equally asimportant is this book’s ability to be used as a springboard for building individual character and positiveschool culture, which in turn can be used to make the world a better place. I thoroughly recommend it.”– Dr Lyn Bishop OAM, Founder and Former Principal/CEO of Sheldon College. “I have used Chandni’s book to help children reflect on the benefits of inclusive behaviours – benefits toothers and benefits to themselves. The children really connected with the message because of thelighthearted nature of the language and because they weren’t being hit over the head with the message.This more subtle and nuanced approach is always way more effective and sticks with the children longterm. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a text that they revisit with fondness throughout their older lives.The rhymes are delightful – and not overly predictable – eliciting all shades of emotion during the sharedstory telling. The beautiful illustrations capped everything off nicely. This is a book to be enjoyed onmultiple levels on many different occasions.– Rick Samuels, Director of Community Engagement of Sheldon College. “This book is a must read… It’s guaranteed to warm your heart and feed your soul.”– Michelle Luhrmann, Early childhood Teacher. “Chandni has written this children’s book with a beautiful message of love and value. The artwork showschildren of all nationalities accepting each other with love and kindness. The book has a rhythm andbeat all of its own telling a powerful message of friends and family and oneness within our world.”– Bernadette Barr, Lmus.A, Australian Kodaly Specialist. My Inspiration!I was inspired to write this book for my kids and all the other kids in the world that may feel different or are made to feel different because of the colour of their skin. The idea sparked after an incident where my little ones, at age four, were told they weren’t invited to a classmate’s birthday party because of their skin colour. I was deeply saddened and shocked that something like this could happen in this day and age. It was so disheartening for me to witness the insecurities creep up in my children after the incident. We are not born with prejudice or bias. These are, unfortunately, learned. It’s about time we change these misconceptions in people young and old. It’s never too late! Thus, we set forth to bring this message out into the world. In 2020, with the Black Lives Matter movement taking centre stage, and the first COVID lockdown, I was determined to make an impact and reach as many people as possible. The book is titled “Are We Really That Different?” My wish is that children all around the world can see themselves as being the same as other kids despite their colour differences and celebrate their individuality in their own unique ways. It’s partly written in rhyme (with the help of my little rhymers Annuska & Maikaa) and touches on topics of kindness, love, compassion, inclusion, acceptance, fun, and laughter. Read more