Young Adult

    The Bully Can Kiss: a Sweet Ya High School Romance

    My sworn enemy, the bully who made middle school hell, is back. Worse, he’s been court-ordered to help at the soup kitchen I volunteer at. Double worse, my mother has said he can live with us until his foster-care situation sorts itself out. Like, seriously, having my mortal enemy in the pool house is one thing, but knowing he could be plotting to finish me off once and for all is quite another. I don’t do hurt, damaged and broken boys, but the closer I get to him the less I see of the bully and the more I see of myself. I had the perfect life, but now it’s spinning out of control. I’m tired of everyone dictating what I should do and become. My parents have become infuriating, my grades are slipping, and all I want to do is run away and scream. So why is the first person I want to run to the one guy I promised myself I’d never forgive? The Bully Can Kiss is a swoony high-school romance that can be read standalone. Includes super sweet happily-ever-after. Grab your copy today! Read more