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    Weathering the Storm (Sunrise Beach Book 1)

    Stella Britton’s life has been flipped upside-down. The scandal involving her now ex-husband was too much to handle. The embarrassment, money issues, and debilitating pain were things she never expected to experience. Running away seemed like the right thing to do. Now she’s in a sleepy beach town where she hopes the rumors won’t find her or her surly teenaged daughter. Her biggest challenge will be guiding Kelsey through this maze of changes while trying to regain her trust. Her next biggest challenge will be making a living. Her heart’s passion has been painting, though she’d abandoned it years ago to be the proper wife to an executive husband and mom to a privileged busy daughter. She hopes her skill and creativity hasn’t dried up. But even more, she hopes she can become a savvy businesswoman and sell the work that comes from her heart. As her gallery opens for business, Stella meets a woman who becomes a mentor and friend. Unfortunately, the things Stella wants and needs to figure out most desperately are things she cannot bring herself to talk about. As she tries to manage her heavy burdens alone, the past she’s left behind threatens to crash in. Will Stella find the courage to stand up to criticism she’s fought so hard to distance herself from? Or will she be forced to uproot her daughter and run again? Read more