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    Lavash Dishes: Tips to Make Lavash Bread Recipe

    Lavash is a very unusual and delicious bread. It is made from wheat flour, water and salt – and nothing else, no additives or flavorings. It contains very few calories, goes well with meat, fish, cheese, cottage cheese, herbs, fruits and berries. Lavash can be stored for a long time, and if it dries out – a couple of minutes over the steam, and it is soft and tasty again. Lavash is used to make rolls with all sorts of fillings, both fresh and sweet. Lavash can be folded into envelopes, bags and pockets, they can be laid in layers, interspersed with stuffing, and they can be finely chopped and made into a variety of snacks. Lavash can be used to make pizza, bake pies, lasagna, and even cook a Napoleon cake. And, of course, shawarma is wrapped in pita bread! Read more