• Horror

    Teeth: The First Bite: Book 1 in the Teeth Urban Fantasy Trilogy

    Being dead just got complicated.Spencer’s life began after his death. Being a vampire is better than any teen flick made it out to be. After all, what’s not to like? He’s stronger, faster, and deadlier than any predator. He has a job, a home, and he’ll be young and pretty forever. When Thomas wakes up in the throes of transitioning into one of them, Spencer is assigned to train the newly sired vampire. He thinks it’ll be fun, but it could turn the afterlife upside down for everyone, even the people Spencer didn’t know existed. Spencer is about to learn that the rules he has been abiding by since his death are all lies. And he must help Thomas adjust to his new life before they are turned from predator to prey. Teeth is the first book in a humourous and bloody vampire and werewolf series for an Urban Fantasy addict. If you like the thrilling characters and twisted plots of The Vampire Diaries, the real modern vampires and blood-drenched drama of True Blood, you’ll love the first bite of Chele Cooke’s fast-paced vampire series. Download Teeth to start exploring the night-time like never before.