• Horror

    Christmas Chopping: a Jenny Ringo Creepy Christmas Story

    Monsters celebrate Christmas too, you know… Christmas is in the air, but for amateur witch Jenny Ringo and her best friend Gavin, the scares are only just getting started. It turns out that the festive season is the perfect time for all the monsters, ghosts and ghouls to leave their lairs and roam the now-empty streets. Eager to meet their less-then-human neighbours, the pair take to their home city of Brighton to soak in the spooky atmosphere. There’s only one problem – they’re warned to go home before it gets dark, otherwise the infamous Spider Claws will find them. You see, monsters and ghosts have a very interesting version of Santa Claus. One who likes to hide in the dark and ensnare unsuspecting shoppers with his silky webs – and when Jenny and Gavin’s friend Casper falls into the lair of this alarming arachnid, they’ll need to act fast if they want to save him before he ends up facing a very ghastly fate indeed… Mixing a creepy Christmas story with a hilariously horrifying misadventure, this side story in the Jenny Ringo series is perfect for fans of comedy and horror alike. Scroll up and grab your copy today.