A Mother’s Gift: Ten Little Toes: a Heartwarming Story – Wonderful Present for Mom or Grandma for Mother’s Day

    “My eyes watered as I reminisced with the characters through the early years behind me. Then tears rolled down my cheeks as I traversed through the moments that still lay ahead of me. A beautifully written and illustrated journey that embodies both the simplicity and complexity of a mother’s love.” V. Kessopa, Teacher “It will pull on your heartstrings in the most surprising way – a must read!” A. Cardenas, Pediatric Oncology Nurse “Beautifully illustrated and cleverly written, this heartfelt book is a must-have for all families.” J. Wang, Speech Therapist A MOTHER’S LOVE IS FOREVER This tender story takes the reader through the life of a mother and daughter. Tissues are highly recommended and be prepared to see how their wonderful memories unfold. The illustrations are beautifully drawn in modern elegance. “Ten little fingers for me to hold.Ten little toes for me to kiss.” A BEAUTIFUL KEEPSAKE FOR MOTHER OR CHILD This book also includes a designated Memory Page for the giver or receiver to save their own memories. It can be past memories or new memories. No memory is too big or too small! A beautiful keepsake to cherish for years to come. TEN LITTLE TOES is suitable for all ages and has been translated into Vietnamese. And possibly other languages in the future. Read more