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    Beyond the Veil: A Young Adult Fantasy Forbidden Romance

    When she falls for a man from a forbidden kingdom, will her magical gift betray her heart? Gillian of Adelar has spent her whole life stuck behind her society’s walls. Fed up with her horrible and forced betrothal, the young woman’s only solace for the lonely song buried in her soul lies in her people’s few surviving artifacts. Needing an escape, she steps through an outlawed enchanted veil…and meets a handsome knight riding a majestic, gemstone-eyed eagle. After returning home with only his secret letters to keep her newfound passion alive, Gillian fears the prejudices between their realms could mean a violent end to their off-limits love. Can their desires defeat a poisoned history and sing a happily ever after? Beyond the Veil is an epic short story of magic, courage, and love, and a prequel to Schulze’s YA fantasy series, The Gailean Quartet. If you like bold characters, beautifully detailed worlds, and ancient rivalries, then you’ll adore Christine E. Schulze’s peek behind the curtain. Read Beyond the Veil to see the splendor on the other side today! What Readers Are Saying “This short story was beautifully written. The world is so well described that I felt I could see it. I will definitely be reading (more) books and stories by this author to see more of this world!”~ Anne, Goodreads  “Christine Schulze pens a short story that I longed for it to go on…”~ Linda, Goodreads “The characters have unique voices that make the story very realistic. What I liked most about this story was the original ideas…They were unique ideas and very beautiful.”~ Steven Guscott, Goodreads