• Children's

    The Bully Mission: Solving Damian Dermite (The Adventures of Alexander Thomas Book 1)

    How would you stop the most feared bully in school from humiliating your new best friend? An impulsive eleven-year-old boy named Alex Thomas has a simple solution: you hurl your left over pizza at him. Although it does mean he will have to spend the sixth grade finding clever ways to escape a vengeful bully. Alex soon discovers that hiding in the boy’s bathroom, stinking up the cafeteria, pulling the fire alarm, and running away are not the answers. When he finds himself standing with no clothes on in front of the entire school, Alex quickly realizes things have gotten way out of hand. With help from his brother, and a calculated plan in place, Alex faces his greatest fear…and finally solves Damian Dermite. (This story is the full version of the mini-series “Stumbling Tales” with titles, ‘Meeting Henry Greenfield’ and ‘The Giant Inside’) Read more