• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Guardians: Book One of the Restoration Series

    Flare is a young half elf who has been raised by the elves. Despite having spent his entire life with the elves, he has never really been accepted and lives the life of an outcast. As his thirtieth birthday approaches, Flare makes a momentous decision. He decides to travel to the Southern city of Telur to join the Guardians. The Guardians are the elite part of the Telurian army, and anyone can join; even foreigners. The elves are outraged, and Flare is forced to flee the elven forest and travel alone to the human city of Telur, where he joins the Guardians and begins his military training. Flare is assigned to the western Fort of Mul-Dune, where he continues traveling the path of prophecy. Unknowingly, Flare has began down the path of an ancient and cryptic prophecy. A prophecy that the church of Adel will do anything to keep from being fulfilled. Anything, including murder.