Cowboy Love and Mystery Book 1 – Blush

    Get/Share Your FREE CLM eBook Now at cowboyloveandmystery.com Since Evelyn’s mother died, she’s been the glue holding her family together—more like the only person willing to stand her father’s crappy behavior until Will Denver, an old friend from before, shows up, hotter and richer. The first time she reconnects with the stunning cowboy, he’s protecting her from her abusive father. Their attraction to each other can only grow. But to what extent? Evelyn has an annoying commitment to preserving her family, even though it’s been torn apart. Plus, it’s not easy falling in love when there’s a careless father at the corner, who dabbles in deals with criminal gangs without so much as a second thought. When Evelyn gets dragged into a scuffle with one of the gangs, Will must make his choice. Will she still choose family over him or not? EvelynIf my life were a book, it’d probably be the ‘worst seller’ in history. When my mother died, taking care of the family became my responsibility. But no one told me how much of a piece of work my father was, and slowly I got stuck between his abuse and his commitment to holding together a crumbling family. My sisters leave, making my life that much more of a mess. But it all changes when I see Will Denver. He’s returned to town, and he’s come back even hotter and richer. Best of all, I think he’s got an eye on me. But if my family doesn’t come in between us first, then the gang my father has mysterious dealings with might. Read more