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    Bladesmithing for Beginners: Easy Step by Step Guide on How to Forge Knives and Handles

    Theoretical step by step techniques guide to make your first knife as a beginner Are you considering forging a personal knife but a bit clueless about where to start from? If yes, this guide is for you. In all, would you say you are keen on taking up the interest of bladesmithing, yet you are uncertain where to begin? That is alright, totally typical for a first-timer. You are at the opportune spot. Many individuals around the globe are keen on the art of bladesmithing for a few reasons. Some adore the level of creativity associated with the trade, some like the historical backdrop of the business, while some pick it as a type of income means. Well, it doesn’t make a difference why you need to learn or begin with the bladesmithing craft. The only important thing is that you have built up a level of interest and that you are setting up your psyche to learn and have a dominance of the art. Bladesmithing for fledglings isn’t a specialty that can be learned just at a go. Much the same as each other specialties, it requires time, responsibility, devotion, and consistent practice. The scope of this book will guide you through the following areas: A quick introduction and a brief history of the craft Fundamental things you need to know to get started Tips to Begin Bladesmithing Guide on picking a shop space and setting it up Shop security tips to aid you as a beginner Basic tips and techniques in designing your first and subsequent knives The tools and gears for various level (beginner, intermediate, and expert) Grinding tips and types Heating and hardening techniques Steps to creating a sheath How to maintain your knives and much more! Developing your own unique technique will go a long way. With this guide, you’ll see that the misconceptions you have or those surrounding blade making have been cleared. Start your blade making today by downloading a copy! Read more