• Horror

    Song of a Lost Child: A Horror Novel (Invasive Species Book 1)

    KILLING A FRIEND IS HARD.EVEN IF THEY’RE ALREADY DEAD. May 1982. School’s out!For twelve-year-old Lewis Frazier and his friends, the forest surrounding the secluded neighborhood of Poisonwood Estates is the perfect venue for their long-awaited summer vacation. But when a local boy goes missing in the dense Florida woods during that idyllic summer, their carefree months of fun are suddenly threatened.Nothing bad ever happens in Poisonwood Estates. Lewis is certain the kid will be found and their fun times can resume. Until he hears sinister laughter outside his bedroom window in the middle of the night, and yet another person vanishes, leaving behind an empty, blood-drenched home. Now, Lewis isn’t so sure.Deep in the woods, something has been awakened. Something ancient and evil.A being only Lewis and his friends will believe exists.And one by one, the residents of Poisonwood Estates will be murdered, recruited into its unholy army.Unless Lewis and his friends can stop it. By becoming killers themselves. Song of a Lost Child is a 68,000-word novel of supernatural terror and the first book in the Invasive Species Trilogy.