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    Inspiring Educational Fun Facts for Kids with Comic + Jokes: New Fascinating Graphical Science Book for kids 7-14

    To parents of grade-schoolers: here’s the secret to making your kid smarter, without turning them into a “know-it-all.” Are you worried about your child’s grades? Wouldn’t you secretly like your child to be one of the “smarter” students at school? Want to jumpstart your kid’s chances of future success? If you take any genius from the last century — Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, or Elon Musk — you’ll find their key to success wasn’t just how smart they were at an early age. It was their ability to be creative… And creativity is highly linked with intelligence. That means sharpening your kid’s creativity could make them not only smarter but also much more likely to do well in school and life. You might not know how exactly to develop your kid’s creative ability. Or you may feel like turning to “conventional” means of coaching creativity. Here’s the truth: Tutors might be tempting. But tutoring and group classes can be costly, and often make it harder for kids to think on their own in the long run — which is the whole point of creativity. And you can forget about guides and textbooks from “creative experts.” If creativity could be taught in a manual, then everybody’s kid would be a genius. It’s not that these methods aren’t enough to develop creativity — it’s that they do too much. Because all you really need to spark your child’s imagination are three simple ingredients: close communication, new ideas and concepts, and mountains of fun. And that’s exactly what this book delivers. In Inspiring Educational Fun Facts for Kids With Comics + Jokes, you will discover: 500+ different facts to ignite your kid’s curiosity The origin stories for 12 modern-day inventions that will bring out your child’s inner innovator 80+ jokes and puns to share with the family — you won’t be able to stop yourself from cracking up Endless conversation starters to help build a deeper bond with your kid An effortless way to keep your youngster busy, without turning them into a “screen zombie” 9 separate areas of knowledge packed with fascinating ideas for your child to explore Hundreds of illustrations to inspire the artistic side of your young one 10 mini-biographies of kid inventors that are sure to set off your child’s creativity Exclusive bonus content that covers the most common parenting mistakes that wipe out creativity in kids, and what you can do to avoid them And much more. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a creative person, these wide-ranging facts can help you unleash your kid’s imagination and build their knowledge at the same time. With just this one book, you’ll effortlessly turn hours of learning into fun-filled family memories. Plant those seeds of creativity today… and watch your child flourish among the leaders of tomorrow. If you want your child to soar among the next generation of geniuses, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now. Read more