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    Beyond the Shadow Wall: Fantasticademy Book 1

    A Fun-tastico School.A Looming Threat… Sisters Rose and Helena Montgomery love nothing more than to play creative games with their father. But one night, the light goes out from his eyes, and he mysteriously abandons them. Distraught, the girls numb their minds with inane television shows about crackers and cartoon porcupines. Their new snoozeville lives have begun. But soon an invitation arrives from Fantasticademy, a magical school where children at risk of losing their creative spirit can become anything their imaginations allow — superheroes, princesses, even vice principals if they’re unpleasant enough. After forming friends and enemies alike, the girls make a startling discovery. Their father’s soul was kidnapped by a neighboring dimension of darkness, hidden behind an ominous Shadow Wall. They must now test the biggest lesson of Fantasticademy — that nothing is impossible — to rescue him. An exciting and poignant fantasy-adventure for ages 9-12 (or adults young at heart), Beyond the Shadow Wall is inspired by the classics of pre-adolescent portal fiction. With a plot that details courage in the face of mysterious dangers, its heart celebrates the resilience of family and the powers of friendship. Perfect for family read-alongs, classroom discussion, middle-grade book clubs, or fun escapism. The adventure begins here! Read more