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    Anna Blaze Telepath & Rift Jumper: Hidden (Anna Blaze: Telepath & Rift Jumper Book 2)

    Anna and Jackie attempt to evade Mason but are caught when Jackie retreats to her mother’s home. Anna witnesses her father’s evil side and takes action to protect her mother and grandmother. Anna and Jackie realize that Anna would be safer in a place surrounded by strangers. Left alone at a young age, with no mentors to help her, Anna must rely on her intelligence and instincts to adapt to her new environment. She soon discovers new and unique ways her gifts can help her and her friends. An excerpt from the book: The lights in the bungalow went dark, leaving everyone standing in the predawn darkness.“Phoebe,” Jackie whispered.“Come out, Jackie. This doesn’t have to go this way,” Mason called out.“Teleport anywhere; get out of here now!” Patty commanded.As Jackie attempted to activate her teleporting power, she let out a cry of pain, grabbed the sides of her head, and dropped to her knees. The thoughts, images, voices, and memories of happier times flooded her brain, disrupting the clear focus she needed to jump successfully. Patty quickly responded.“Come on, peanut, let’s get you to safety.” Patty reached out for the girl’s hand but was also sent to the ground screaming in pain. The sound of splintering wood echoed throughout the house as Chou broke down the door. Anna looked at her mother and Grandmother and frowned.“You will not hurt my family!” she screamed.Anna whipped her hands toward Patty and created a protective bubble around her that made her invisible and untouchable. Anna then zapped herself to Jackie just as Chou began to deliver a death blow to Jackie’s head. Anna was close enough to Chou’s strike to feel the energy behind it. A sudden puff of air blew past Chou as his fist struck and broke the floor where Jackie’s head once lay. Jackie’s head pounded like a drum, but the thoughts and confusing words in her brain eased. She opened her eyes and discovered that they were in a bathroom.“Where are we, Anna?” asked Jackie, rubbing her temples.“The ice cream shop felt safe,” said Anna as she gazed up at her mother with worried eyes.“You did great, baby.” Jackie hugged Anna with relief and pride. Anna’s favorite place in town was the ice cream shop around the corner from her old apartment.“Let’s get you a cone, and then we will go somewhere safe.”Anna nodded, and Jackie opened the door cautiously, sweeping the room before she stepped out. No one familiar was in the store.“Don’t worry about Grandma,” whispered Anna. “I put her in a bubble, and no one can see or touch her. She will be safe. She can come out when the mean people and Daddy leave.”Tears streamed down Jackie’s face, and all she could do was nod as she walked to the counter and ordered Anna’s favorite: strawberry ice cream on top of a sugar cone. Jackie handed the ice cream to her daughter and walked out of the shop. They walked around the corner and vanished.***Meanwhile, Mason, Phoebe, and Chou were simultaneously frustrated, disappointed, and amazed at Grandma Patty’s place.“What was that shit your daughter did to that woman? Did she zap her to someplace else?” asked an irritated Phoebe.Mason laughed. “Not exactly like that, Phoebe. Somehow, my little girl made her grandma invisible to us. She’s still here, and I can sense her, but we can’t see her.”“That girl is beginning to piss me off,” grumbled Chou as he removed several splinters from his fist. Mason walked up to Chou and patted him on the shoulder.“Now that comment makes her daddy very proud!”Mason then turned toward a spot where he felt Patty’s presence. “Tell Jackie that the game is still on. We will find her, and I will take back what is mine.”The trio walked out of Patty’s house and was met by a large black limo. As soon as the limo left, Patty’s protective bubble disappeared. Patty sat bewildered and amazed. “Where did Anna learn to do that?” she wondered. Read more