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    Max Damage (Jason Maxfield Thrillers Book 1)

    A FORMER FBI AGENT IS DENIED PAROLE AND ON HIS WAY BACK TO PRISON. Former Fed Jason Maxfield is seven years into a ten-year prison sentence. With his hopes of an early release dashed by the parole board, he resigns himself to serving his sentence. But his day is about to get much worse. HIS PRISON TRANSPORT IS STORMED BY ARMED MEN WHO THREATEN HIS FAMILY. Armed men storm the bus. Jason’s old adversary leads them. He threatens Jason’s ex-wife before knocking him unconscious. Not only that, but the daughter whose name he doesn’t even know is also at risk. Jason regains consciousness and realizes his choice is simple: he can return to prison or he can use the key his enemy left lying within reach to free himself. HE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO RUN. He takes the second option, desperate to get to his ex-wife and daughter before his sinister adversary can find them. Can Jason do the impossible? What price is he willing to pay? Buy your copy today to find out! Sneak Peek Jason didn’t glance at the guard or bother to answer. The inmate across from him glanced at Jason’s face and shrunk back. Jason frowned at the man. It was important to keep up appearances. There was one rule in here that everybody understood. Fear. If they feared him, he would be left alone. That was what he wanted. He wanted to do his time and get out. One year from now, three years from now, it did not really much matter. “I’m talking to you, Maxfield.” The guard’s voice was agitated now. “Do you understand?” “I heard you.” Jason still didn’t look his way. He could sense the man was unnerved by the lack of respect, but Jason did not care. The man knew better than to push him. “You either, Smith. Got it?” “Yes sir.” Jason stared at the man across from him with unblinking eyes. The man swallowed. He was in a different cellblock. They had never run into each other until today, something the man was probably reminding himself of while trying to avoid Jason’s gaze. “Smith.” Jason spoke so quietly that it was a wonder the man heard. The man went pale and tried to move away, but the chains on his feet kept him secured. He looked around, almost as if thinking about asking the guard to move him, but he must have thought better of it because he remained silent. Jason continued to study the man as he made a conscious effort not to look at Jason. Their eyes made contact when he finally did. Jason tilted up the corners of his mouth in a mocking smile. If Smith had been white before, he looked like a ghost now. He had just opened his mouth when a skidding noise at the front of the bus drew their attention. A smoke grenade bounced across the floor. Read more