• Young Adult

    Rafe: Shifter Suspense Romance (Closed-door version of Treasured Find by Nancy Corrigan) (Royals and Alphas Book 1)

    Never dare a shifter……to mate you. As a human living in the Shifter World, Jasmine knew better than to get involved with a shifter. They’re dangerous, possessive, wild, and… Sexy. But Rafe kept calling her his true mate and treating her like his queen. She had a moment of weakness, okay? Now, a crazy stalker wants her dead and all the secrets she has worked so hard to keep hidden might end up sealing her fate. Unless Rafe ends her human life first… —————————————————————————————————————————————————————— “This was one of the best shifter stories I have read to date.” —————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Closed-door version FAQs “Is this version right for ME?” If you want a “kisses only” heart-stopping paranormal suspense romance without harsh language, this is the version for you. Will I miss out on important parts of the plot if I read the closed-door version? No! Dana’s versions deliver the same great, original storyline. Are there fight scenes in the closed-door version? Yes. You’ll be exposed to fighting shifters and heart-stopping danger because the Shifter World is ours too. There are dark villains and wicked vigilantes, along with honorable cops, mysterious and charismatic heroes, smart and strong heroines, and brave special agents, but no matter how many twists and turns in the story, love always wins. If this sounds like your type of book clear your calendar because you won’t be able to put this book down until you’ve reached the final page… Then you’ll be looking for the next official Shifter World® story! Now…DOWNLOAD TODAY for a happily ever after love story that will pull you into the thrilling and emotionally satisfying saga of the ever-expanding Shifter World®. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Author’s Note:Welcome to the Shifter World® where primal and primitive mating instincts spark an all-consuming love and heroes will stop at nothing to claim the ones who make them whole… All books in the ever-expanding Shifter World can be read as standalone stories or as series binge reads, and in every book you’ll find: Guaranteed forever fated mate fairytales with ZERO cheating and no end of book cliffhangers Strong family bonds between brothers, sisters, pride, clan and pack mates Excitement, action, adventure, and spine-tingling suspense Page-turning paranormal romantic thriller story that will leave you reading late into the night Modern-day fairy-tale romance with a supernatural twist Otherworld creatures from Norse and Gaelic Mythology Urban fantasy and small-town billionaire immortal shifters looking for their soulmates —————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Rafe by Dana Archer is the closed-door version of Treasured Find by Nancy Corrigan. Both books are official Shifter World® original novels. Read more
  • Paranormal

    Rick: Paranormal Romantic Suspense (tame) (Shifter World®: Agents of Shifter Affairs Book 1)

    He’s the only one that I want, but I’m not allowed to have much of anything… least of all a man who isn’t my breeding partner. Mya I knew next to nothing about the world where I truly belonged when I grew up. Shifter laws weren’t even on my mind until a guy in my college forced a breeding bond on me just before I came of age. I’ve worked as a waitress to take care of my family ever since, and it was hard to see a way out—until I met Rick. He stirs something inside me I’ve never felt with my cold, controlling partner, something primal and urgent and real. But it’s not as simple as running away with Rick. In the shifter world, bonded female shifters are little more than chattel. Legally or not, I have to win my freedom, or the life growing inside of me may be the end of my own… Rick Working in Shifter Affairs is a good diversion from remembering the family I lost decades ago. I’m currently on the trail of a cold-blooded killer from the pack of my late mate. At least, I was before I ran into Mya along the way. Mya draws me to her in a way I never thought I’d experience after so long. We were meant for each other. But she’s not mine to claim. She belongs to someone else. Her breeding partner, Todd, isn’t about to let her go, not when she’s pregnant. To save her, I’ll have to break her bond legally or break the law—and there’s no telling how far Todd will go to keep Mya under his thumb. ——— This is the Romantic Suspense (clean/tame) version of Freeing his Mate by Nancy Corrigan, the Mainstream Fiction pen name of Dana Archer.
  • Paranormal

    Rafe: Paranormal Romantic Suspense (tame) (Shifter World®: Royals and Alphas Book 1)

    An immortal shifter and a mortal woman form an unlikely bond amid the secrets that kept them safe—and the truths that threaten to separate them forever. Jasmine Wyn has always distrusted people: men in general, and shifter men specifically. When a handsome stranger appears out of nowhere to help locate a friend’s child, she’s drawn to Rafe in ways she doesn’t understand. Still, Jasmine has secrets to protect. No man, no matter how tempting, is going to endanger those she loves. But someone else is determined to destroy her quiet life. A stalker with a personal vendetta has his sights on her, and he doesn’t care how many people suffer as long as he gets what he wants. Jasmine must decide if she can place her safety and trust in Rafe, the man who’s already stolen her heart… Rafe Alexander, a Royal feline shifter, sees his police work both as a calling and as a way to keep human knowledge of their kind to a minimum. When he investigates a shifter kid living with a human, the scent trail leads to Jasmine, a child caretaker who’s reluctant to tell Rafe anything. Their undeniable chemistry forces Rafe to realize he’s falling for Jasmine, hard. If she is his true mate, he’ll have to confront her with the unspeakable challenges they’ll face to complete the bond. But first, he has to save her from a relentless enemy who’s always one step ahead. ——— This is the Paranormal Romantic suspense (tame) version of Treasured Find by Nancy Corrigan, the Mainstream Fiction pen name of Dana Archer.