• Young Adult

    Out of the Shadows

    Pride and Prejudice meets H.G. Wells with a dash of The Hunger Games. Lenore, a thief, is on the run from the law, from the brutal Enforcers. Just when she thinks she’s found safety by assuming a new identity with a wealthy but eccentric family, she discovers they’ve got secrets of their own. Big ones. As does everyone in this series. And, of course, someone who knows her real identity is chasing after her. Will Lenore find the courage to forge her own path, or will she put her trust in the wrong people and bring this world of lies she’s built crashing down? Out of the Shadows, Into the Fire, and Across the Ice are the first three books in the captivating Broken Gears young adult steampunk fantasy series. Fans of the Finishing School series by Gail Carriger and Garth Nix’s Old World universe will delight as this Victorian-era-esque world unfolds before them. A multi-layered steampunk fantasy tale of colorful characters, lost magic and technology, and subterfuge that promises to entrance. If you like smart heroines, forgotten magic, and rich Victorian settings, then you’ll love Lenore’s intrigue-and-adventure storyline. "Out of the Shadows features great prose, a gripping plot, and characters that will remain with readers long after they are done reading the story." —Reader’s Favorite. Buy it today to enter a steam-powered world of secrets!