• Children's

    The Un-Life of William Moore

    Making friends is hard when you live forever. When college student Kaylah Rhodes begins experiencing unexplained blood and memory loss, she suspects that she is the unwitting victim of a vampire. There’s just one problem with that: vampires aren’t real. At least that’s what she thought until she meets the vampire, William Moore. But encountering a real-life vampire was not at all like Kaylah expected. William is shy, socially awkward, and surprisingly normal for somehow who is supposed to be a monster. The more Kaylah learns about William, the more questions she has, and they develop an unlikely friendship. However, there are some secrets that the vampire refuses to share. If he’s hiding something from her, she won’t stop until she finds out what. As the horrors of William’s past come back to bite him, Kaylah finds herself caught in the middle of a dangerous game. William Moore is not the only mythical monster in town she has to worry about. A story about the trials of friendship, the dangers of stereotypes, and what it means to be a monster. “The Un-Life of William Moore” was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Author Shout 2019 Reader Ready Awards. Read more