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    Journey Learns to Pray: A Children’s Book About Jesus and Prayer (Powerful Kids in the War Room)

    Little Journey loves listening to books and hearing her mother pray. One night she sighs, “I want to pray but I don’t know how.” Her mother teaches her an uncomplicated way to pray that is powerful and easy to remember. Now you can teach your child how to connect with God with this cozy and beautifully illustrated children’s book. Every child wants to see the people in their books that look like them. Now they can. The Powerful Kids in the War Room series contains twelve versions: Rhys Learns to Pray – White boy Evie Learns to Pray – White girl Tyree Learns to Pray – Black boy Journey Learns to Pray – Black girl Felipe Learns to Pray – Latino boy Emily Learns to Pray – Latino girl Henry Learns to Pray – Asian boy Lucy Learns to Pray – Asian girl Mateo Aprende Orar – Latino boy (Spanish) Sofia Aprende Orar – Latino girl (Spanish) Ben lernt beten – White boy (German) Kathi lernt beten – White girl (German) Delight your little one today by selecting the “Buy” button above. Read more