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    I Won’t Cut My Hair! (MY CRAZY STORIES SERIES Book 1)

    The Best Seller Book #1 from MY CRAZY STORIES Series.Scroll to “From the Publisher” section to look inside this book! The more her hair grew, the more Sally was in trouble… Meet Sally… the prettiest girl in town with her gorgeous purple hair. To become even prettier, she decides not to cut it EVER AGAIN. She is very stubborn! Her crazy long hair is about to put her bratty nerves to the test… Kids will giggle reading this cheeky picture book soaked in self-confidence that will have everyone entangled in Sally’s hilarious hair mishaps! What will children learn from this book? Kids will learn to be self-confident but not stubborn to refuse change when things don’t go their way. Hidden behind this cute children’s book is the ultimate strategy to succeed in life: Be persistent and flexible to always come out a winner! BOOK 1 from the quirky series MY CRAZY STORIES – Children’s book Age 3-8 Read also Book 2: Maya Knows a Secret on Secret Keeping. What makes My Crazy Stories series quite special is that it focuses on kids’ character building by encouraging young readers to develop a deeper awareness of themselves and cultivate emotional confidence as they grow up. Enjoy reading! “For anyone who has read one of Daniel’s stories, this set of books is the gold at the end of the treasure hunt!… Strongly recommended” – Grady Harp / Amazon Top Reviewer for Children’s Books. Read more