• Horror

    Inkblot Molotov (The Seamus Records Book 1)

    Seamus has two key concerns to contend with. Firstly, the dead aren’t staying dead. And secondly, it seems that in the throes of a drunken stupor, his friend and self-described “non-federal spy” may have begun uncovering the conspiracy behind the plague. Also, there’s no Guinness on tap. So really, three concerns. Cooped up in a mountain resort miles away from the epicentre, Alys is now thirteen and fiercely determined to be taken seriously. Snow angels are indeed serious business. When her older brother falls ill however, he is ruled a threat to the utopia, and Alys learns there is no safety in numbers. There is only with the mob or against it. Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    The Amateur Sleuth And Reluctant Accomplice (The Seamus Records)

    Now a major motion eBook. Sitting fully clothed in his tepid shower and busily dwelling on his romantic misfortune, Seamus is not ready for much of anything. Above all, he is certainly not ready to find the severed, bloody head of an old industry magnate stuffed inside of his university backpack. Seamus has his vices, but a severed head enthusiast he is not. Chuck, a new acquaintance of his, reacts with perplexing enthusiasm to this turn of events, and together they plunge into a twenty-five year old mystery of love and betrayal at the decadent Shackleton Manor. Will Seamus solve the crime, accidentally implicate himself in it, or simply drink himself to sleep whilst hiding in the basement? Read more