• Romance

    Crossroads of Revival

    Izzy Sterling survived a traumatic kidnapping, but her resulting anxiety forces her to shut herself off from the world. At her therapists urging, she faces her fears and volunteers at Crossroads Mountain Retreat—a soon-to-be place of healing for law enforcement and veterans and the very place she was held captive. When evidence is found that the sex-traffickers who abducted her have returned, she’s thrown right back into a past she’s tried so hard to forget. Fresh out of the police academy, Beau Davis is ready to prove himself as an officer, but more than anything, longs to find the person responsible for hurting Izzy. He’d hoped her moving back to town would prompt him to finally confess his feelings—feelings he’d locked away after she left for college and never looked back—but her recent trauma keeps him from laying his heart at her feet. When someone comes after Izzy, it’s clear she’s a connection to the criminals they want to silence. Beau’s vow to keep her safe gives her a strength she thought she’d lost. When the nightmare she’s already survived once becomes her new reality, Izzy must fight for the life she wants. A life with Beau by her side. But first she has to make it out alive. Read more