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    Cosmic Consciousness and Healing with the Quantum Field:: a Guide to Holding Space Facilitating Healing, Attunements, Blessings, and Empowerments for Self and Others

    Want greater quality of life? Want to live more holistically by discovering and integrating the gifts offered by cosmic consciousness, the quantum field, and subtle energy? Beyond subtle energy healing, this is a path to self-realization & mastery. This book is for you if you are on a pathway of evolution and higher consciousness. Learn how to enter into awareness of the quantum field. Use this awareness of the energy field for healing, to learn new skills, access information directly from the universe, and more! Infinite possibilities… This book transmits energy directly to the reader, like the other Moksha Gyan Books by Darshan Baba. The reading contains a series of guided experiences or "attunements": A New Beginning,Extraordinary Experience Practical Guidelines,The Healing/Guidance TeamWorking with Energy,Grounding,Holding Frequencies of Energy,All The Resources of Infinity,Chakras,Solfeggio Frequencies,and more… This book is simple enough for beginners to learn "quantum healing". But will also be treasured by advanced practitioners on a pathway of healing, and spiritual awakening. Also with techniques for learning how to perceive energy, and exercising these abilities. We may feel limited and small without the full function of our mind, and subtle energy. Learn how to practice awareness of the never ending resources of Super Conscious Mind, and the Unified Quantum Field. So there is more to life. This is your guide to increased awareness of the quantum field. Connect directly to the source of all healing energy and life force (called reiki by Usui in Japan – Life Energy).Receive initiations through energy that activate spiritual awakening. These energies guide you to higher levels of being in the world, and can even lead to cellular transfiguration into a pure light body. Welcome to a Magical and Mysterious World without limits… The Energy Field is an essential part of life! Indeed, it is the foundation of all material reality. Learning to cultivate awareness of energy and a pragmatic awareness of working with the field of energy is a valuable skill. With this sense of energy and energy movements comes a whole new dimension to life. In a unified Field of Energy the resources available to you and possibilities of experience are infinitely more vast than a mere world of separate objects and individual identity. Within this "quantum" world as a Being of Energy in a Field of Energy, miracles become commonplace, and Instant Healing, 12 Stranded DNA Activation, and Ascension of the Physical Body into pure light become as equally valid as "physical" reality. This becomes possible through awareness of Infinite Possibilities, which is the Ultimate Reality… Yes this book will open your third eye, and increases kundalini shakti… But this is NOT just another chakra book! In fact, there is very little mention of chakras in the reading, just one quick attunement… There are already a bazillion books about chakras out there, sheeesh! (This book contains attunements to transmit spiritual or subtle energy which facilitates altered "states of consciousness". Please do not read this book while or immediately before driving or operating heavy machinery… Be sure to ground completely into a functional Earthly realm state of awareness before doing so!)