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    Ketogenic Diet: the Complete Guide to Losing Weight on the Keto Diet for Beginners

    Have you been struggling with your weight loss? Let me guess you have probably enrolled for a weight loss program only to find out that you have gained your weight back in a matter of days after you have quit your program. Thousands all over the world have attested to the effectiveness of this diet, but with the rise in popularity of the ketogenic lifestyle, the entire health and fitness industry has become flooded with misinformation and charlatans looking to make a quick buck by overpromising and underdelivering. If you’re sick and tired of being led on by "gurus" and "fitness experts" and would like to know how you can use the Keto Lifestyle to change your life, then this guide is for you. Benefits You Will Get From The Keto Diet: Healthy Fat Loss off all those stubborn areas! Rapid weight loss within weeks that really stays lost Elevated Energy for your daily work and play Greater appetite control to free yourself from hunger Freedom from sugar cravings for better blood sugar control Be in the party that gets to eat savoury food and still lose weight! And much more! This book has something for everyone interested in low-carb recipes. Grab your 25 ultimate keto vegan recipes today!