Everybody Craps but What the Heck is That?

    Everyone poops. Sure, but can you name them all? There are poops that ring the toilet like an anaconda snake. There are turds so big you’d think it was a brownie Bigfoot baked. Dookies come in lots of sizes. Some are thin and some are fat. You may think you’ve seen ‘em all, my friend. But what the heck is that?! Butt Beans. Fart Fritters. The Corn Dogger. Mount Crapatoa. The Armored Stank. And, of course, the infamous Flamin’ Hot Butt Pudding. You may have encountered each of these unique potty experiences. You just didn’t know what to call them. Until now! Everybody Craps but What the Heck is That? is the funny field guide to pooping you didn’t know you needed. While Tarō Gomi’s seminal work, Everyone Poops, set toddlers straight on exactly who poops (spoiler alert: everyone does), it left generations of children and adults with far more questions than answers. Questions like: What do you call a dookie with corn in it? Does green poop mean I’m dying? How, exactly, did that fit through my butthole? Does Everybody Craps but What the Heck is That? answer all your burning poop questions? Heck no. Just one, plus a lot of regular-temperature poop questions. Mostly, it will make you laugh out loud as you learn just the right words to explain your next spectacular bowel movement to friends and family. Wonderfully illustrated (without being gross), this rhyming picture book for all ages will have the 8-12-year-old crowd, especially, howling with laughter. SMART POTTY HUMOR FOR KIDS: While clearly not a traditional children’s picture book, discerning parents who appreciate clever writing will be happy to know that the worst words in this book are crap, heck, caca, and butthole. BATHROOM READER FOR ADULTS: Let’s face it. Pooping is funny whether you’re eight or eighty (research has shown that beyond the age of eighty, pooping is no longer a laughing matter). LAUGH and LEARN: Each turn of the page increases the reader’s poop knowledge, with definitions, eye-popping illustrations, and even a vocabulary recap with Professor Poop to help you become the #1 student of number two. Ideal for: Children aged 8 to 12 Adults that still think poop is funny Open-minded parents and grandparents Cool aunts or uncles (or those aspiring to be) Great for bathroom reader or gag gift Shelving alongside Dad and Me Setting Farts Free, Hookers and Blow Save Christmas and Go the F to Sleep (but without the bad words), Read more