• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Betrayal: Book One of the Wielder Series

    Thanks to a “gift” of six supernatural entities that he can summon to do his bidding, Arthur MacInerny doesn’t age or become ill because their energy mingles with his own. It sounds great, right? It is, until you start burying the people you love. Pushed to the edge by loss and a ruthless act of violence, Arthur and his gang of summoned entities strike out. They show the world what kind of devastation comes to those who wrong this wielder of souls. But revenge doesn’t go as planned. There are those that bump back against the things that go bump in the night. Arthur finds himself arrested. He’s put on trial for atrocities and misuse of magic. If that wasn’t enough, Arthur finds he’s been betrayed, played for a fool, and used as a pawn in a wicked game. First of an envisioned six part series, that now appears to have grown to eight parts. Read more