• Paranormal

    Born Of Sin (Book 1)

    The future can’t hold back the past. Octavia Vail has no memory of her life before being found on a barren Connecticut road as a young child. The locals were shocked that she only spoke Latin and suspicious of the dead greenery and livestock that appeared in the wake of her arrival. Her only possession, a mysterious ring, may have something to do with it. And when the ring’s crest matches the one on a ring in a picture worn by a man who lived centuries ago, Octavia knows she must find out more about him. Victor Logan Marchette, a vampire who’s lived for over 600 years, is the CEO of a Philadelphia hospital that deals with blood diseases. The first 200 years of his life are a mystery to him, but he’ll soon find out the horrifying reason why. Meanwhile, Octavia begins work as a nurse in the same hospital, and the sparks with Victor begin to fly… But Victor is betrothed to another, a vampire from a wild clan, under the orders of the vampires’ governing body, Cabalistis. And when vampires in both clans discover Octavia’s presence – and the hidden danger she represents — it’s all-out war. Born of Sin is the first in a thrilling Gothic Romance series. In a world of darkness and strife, the light of love is all that stands against it. And even for the most hardened vampires, that light… is the true meaning of eternity. *A re-release of Blood Thirst, An Eternal Romance, and a sneak peek of Book 2. Interview with the Author Q – What makes the Born Of Sin series special?A – There are a few things. Born Of Sin is a gothic romance that redefines love and classic vampire lore. Victor and Octavia are true soulmates. Unfortunately, this romance disrupts the lives of many and causes a clan war. How their unionization came to be is not at all in the traditional sense. It is through magic that has brought these two individuals together. And it is by one of the darkest mystery one could ever imagine that has birthed this love. Plus, certain vampire traditions are altered. I didn’t take away from most customs, but enough to feed the storyline. It’s not that I set out to write something different. I wrote something that expressed the kind of a vampire love that I would want to read. Q- How many books will be in the series?A – There will be a total of three books. Born of Sin (Book 1)Born of Sin (Book 2)Born of Sin (Book 3) – coming February 2019 Q – So, why should readers give these books a try?A- Because Born Of Sin a spin on love. The story starts off innocent but it soon moves into the heart of a centuries-old mystery, one that will keep you guessing. This book houses suspense, gothic terror, magic and madness – all in one. I think the readers will enjoy the dramatic twists throughout the book, but especially the wicked revelations.