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    Where Can We Have the Party?: a Hungle Bungle Jungle Book

    How would you do to turn a friend’s frown upside down? This is just what Giraffe wonders about. “I know,” Giraffe thinks. “I’ll have a party!” But where can he have the party? He sits on a swing, puts his head in his hooves, and thinks. Monkey, Elephant, and Snake try to help their friend by offering ideas. Elephant wants to have the party in the sea. Monkey thinks her treehouse would be a great place to party! Snake thinks her den would be a perfect place for a party. Could any of these ideas work? Join Giraffe, Monkey, Snake, and Elephant as they learn about friendship, birthdays, and problem-solving in ‘Where Can We Have The Party?’. Makes a great gift for any time of the year! Read more