• Young Adult

    Legacy of the Curse (The Kyona Legacy Book 1)

    Jocelyn has always been afraid of her voice—now it might be Kyona’s only hope Princess Jocelyn spends her life in Kyona’s court, afraid of the unnatural power her voice releases. With unexplained tension building around the freed slaves who returned from the South Lands twenty years ago, her power has never had greater potential for destruction. So when an invitation arrives from neighboring Valoria, Jocelyn readily accepts, despite having no interest in the suggested marriage alliance. The last thing she expects is for her journey to be interrupted by a handsome stranger and a dragon from her father’s past. But while the quest to find Elddreki’s lost kin keeps Jocelyn in Valoria, a dangerous enemy works to destroy Kyona from within. And Jocelyn’s voice might be the only thing that can save her kingdom. If you enjoy adventure, fantasy, mystery, and clean romance, discover the world of The Kyona Legacy today. Legacy of the Curse is the first of three installments in the series. Read more