• Paranormal

    Fang Chronicles: Amy’s Story

    2nd Edition – 10k words added, completely re-written and re-edited. A killer is on the streets and young women are dying. Journalist Amy Styles wants to understand why women continue working those same streets when their lives are in danger. Is it drugs, desperation, hopelessness? The last thing she expects is to catch the eyes of the killer. Drugged, barely conscious, and thinking her life is over, a man comes from nowhere and saves Amy. Her savior opens the door to a new paranormal world that changes Amy’s life forever. Marcus Lincoln is an enigma with the popular Hollywood gossip shows. He’s rich, evasive, and hot. Hiding a dark secret, Marcus knows Amy is special and opening his world to her could be the best thing that’s ever happened. It could also mean her death. When Marcus’s enemy goes on the hunt for Amy, Marcus must finally right a horrible wrong to save the people he loves. Enter the world of vampires and werewolves. Enter the Fang Chronicles…