• Mysteries & Thrillers

    Adopted Loyalty: A Mafia Revenge Romance (Inherited Loyalties Book 1)

    Frankie It all started with me being in the wrong place at the worst time possible. One minute, I’m a street-urchin without a home or family, and the next minute, I witness the death of the most powerful man in New York. In a twist of fate, the death of a stranger created for me the kind of life I never even dreamed possible. Witnessing the murder of Don Antonio, head of the mafia triggered a life-altering change for me. Suddenly I was no longer the lonely orphan, nor was I alone anymore. I became part of a powerful underground machine and a family at the same time—a mafia family. However, this family comes with a unique set of rules and responsibilities that are non-negotiable. And now I must prove my street smarts, ability to stick to the rules, and that I deserve to be favored by my adopted father, the new Don of the biggest mafia organization in New York. Failure would mean going back to the streets and sealing my fate as a nobody, with an unappealing future. And that would, of course, be a mercy compared to the more likely outcome – death. The right choice is always clear to a wise guy until something unexpected arrives – love with the completely off-limits girl of my dreams. Read more
  • Young Adult

    Brought Together By Passion Book One

    BiancaI wasn’t looking for anything…I kept my head down and focused on being the best in my studies and in my field.I can’t let anything get in the way of that, but there’s nothing you can do when life throws that ball at your head, you either catch it or run away from it.And as much as my mind is telling me to run, my hormones are like little gremlins with their arms outstretched, all wanting to catch that darn ball.And that ball for me, is Darien Cassel… Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Revenge Plan: An Enemies to Lovers College Sports Romance (Book One)

    Adrian I am the football captain, with power, wealth and have the most popular cheerleader as my girlfriend. My life seems to be the perfect college superstar’s life, as it should be… Until this new girl shows up in class. And she looks so familiar. I know her from somewhere. I don’t care for her much, but this feeling of knowing… Then it gets to me. I realize this is the girl who broke my family. In return I will break her heart… Nina I am new in town. Again. I hate this moving around, but mom keeps telling me we were not safe at the last place. She won’t tell me why. So here we are again. A new town, new school, new friends to make. And there is that boy… Adrian… My new friends tell me to stay away. But I can feel within me something pulling me towards him…