Uncage Eden: A Spiritual Philosophy Book about Food, Music, and the Rewilding of Society

    Our planet is in peril. Our species is in captivity. We alone hold the key. We have become disconnected from the love song of our living planet, and as a result, she has become severely out of balance as she spirals through her evolution. It is not beyond our power to regain a harmonious relationship with our plentiful Mother Earth, and as we reweave the web of symbiosis we were born with, humanity may once again experience a life without limitation. We are meant to be integral components of the wild, not slaves of the systematic destruction of it, and as the veil of our incarceration is lifted, we will rise to the occasion of tearing down the walls that contain us. This is the story of one water protector’s path to understanding, his struggle to find what it means to live in a good way, and the incredible world that his adventure reveals along the journey. From Rattlesnakes to frybread to space dust to space funk, the music of the universe has a most compelling story to share, and as we ride the wave of this fundamental vibration, we become enlightened to the astounding complexity of creation. We are the dreamers, we are the creators, we have the ability to manifest our own reality as we travel throughout this material existence, and it is up to us to believe in the abundance of tomorrow. We have become lost in a cloud of fear, as we insist on imagining the worst possible outcomes for our children’s future. The powers-that-be are attempting to subdue our awakening, but we are emerging from this nightmare, and rediscovering the true nature of the spirit within. Life is meant to be lived, every moment is meant to be cherished, and you are meant to be you. The language of human supremacy has convinced us that we are powerless, but we alone hold the key to unlocking the cages of our planet, and as we shed this illusion of scarcity, the magic of the garden will once again be free to bloom. And we’re gonna make the best late night snacks. Read more