Cloudy Skies: Prelude

    In one family, generation after generation relied on the magic of one Norse ring to lead them to their destined match. For those who heed its advice, only joy and health follow. But the ring has also been known to foreshadow impending doom. Ignore its truth at your peril…. Wayne Warner is a bully. A two-faced scumbag. A complete and totally deceitful, arrogant, gnash-your-teeth-until-they-bleed kind of man. Or is he? Some might say he is the most supportive and loving person they’ve ever met. Anyway, this is not his story. This prelude is about his children, and how Wayne’s actions will affect them later in life. Many adults like to claim that their parents messed them up in some way, but Wayne Warner takes the cake. How will the pivotal event in this character introduction change their viewpoints and impressions? How will the course of their lives be affected by what he’s done to them? Each child will have his or her own full-length romance novel to follow. Inside you’ll find… The Inciting Incident. PERMAFREE! Read more