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    8 Keys to Victory Over Mental Demons: How to Defeat Enemies of Your Emotional and Spiritual Health

    Many of us face life challenges we didn’t anticipate, leading us to face darkness that can, at times, seem impossible to overcome. So, how do you make your way toward healing and victory? In 8 Keys to Victory Over Mental Demons, Doug Robins will give you some practical guidance on how to win in the area of your emotional and spiritual health. Doug Robins is the senior pastor of City Tribe Church in San Antonio, Texas, and the author of I Am Not Defeated. His sweet spot is inspiring broken people to be transformed by Christ. An active participant in international ministries and local social action, he is passionate about creatively communicating a holistic gospel that inspires people to be catalysts for the common good. In this e-book, Doug introduces you to several keys for experiencing victory in your emotional and spiritual health. Get ready to move forward in purpose, wholeness, and God’s love! Read more