• Children's

    Come & See the Miracles of Jesus & Believe

    In one extraordinary day, Jesus performed two of his most famous miracles: the feeding of five thousand with only a few fish and loaves of bread and walking on the water of Galilee during a storm to reach his frightened disciples. Join Dr. Knut & her cat Nacho along with Jesus’s other miracles. Beautiful artwork and a simple story make this book a perfect early Bible story for children.Parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, and pastors will all want to add Come & See the Miracles of Jesus & Believe to their bookshelves. It’s a wonderful resource for homeschooling, Christian education, and Sunday school, too! The perfect gift for every occasion—Baptism, Holy Communion, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and more— Come & See the Miracles of Jesus & Believe has many special features including: Beautiful pictures bring Jesus’s Miracles to life Children will enjoy Dr. Knut & her cat Nacho visiting with Jesus A handy table of the 37 Miracles of Jesus A sturdy hard cover and heavy pages to last for generations A list of Scripture references that makes it easy to go back to the source for each story Read more
  • Children's

    Can You Get to Heaven on Roller-Skates?

    Children wonder about Heaven, especially when someone they love goes there. They have questions such as, how do we get to Heaven? “Can We Get to Heaven on Roller-Skates?” is an inspiring short story which will help children grow in their Christian faith. Beautifully illustrated, Dr. Knut and Nacho try to get to Heaven in many ways, but then they realize Jesus is the way. Read more